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Theatre headset mics can be a bit of a minefield. People have different ideas of what works best, and what doesn’t. As with most things to do with sound, the primary and most important tool is your own ears. Equipment is important, but medium quality equipment with a good quality sound engineer is a much better combination than the best equipment with a mediocre sound engineer.

A couple of things to bear in mind while using headset microphones:

– Placement is key, people have different sized heads, different sized ears, different sized mouths. The ideal placement for our head microphones is approximately 1-2 inches from the corner of the mouth, out of the path of air coming from the nose.

– Damage to headmics is usually caused from fitting and removing the units, they tend to be fine once a user is wearing one comfortably. 

– Make sure when fitting a headset mic that both the headset and belpack are securely fixed. Some people prefer to wear mic pack